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Manitulation stadtfischflex

Dear friends of unconventional, unorthodox, some may say weird
or strange music as well as friends of experimental, handmade moving images! A stadtfischflex video, exuding all of the above mentioned attributes, has been nominated for the MuVi German Music Video Award at the "International Short Film Festival Oberhausen" (*see below). Wow!

It's time for "the world of better people" to hear from stadtfischflex again.The great line-up of artists on the track "Manitulation" consists of members of the bands "Swans" and "faust", amongst others.

The superb clip is mainly handmade (!), i.e. analogue film - scratched, burnt, cut up, acid-etched, painted, destroyed so to speak, in order to create something new, and was created and produced by the great filmmakers Astrid Busch and Oliver Schwabe!

* Wikipedia: "The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, founded in 1954, is considered the oldest short film festival in the world and is one of the largest international platforms for the short form. The festival organises an international, a German and an international children's and youth film competition as well as the MuVi Award for the best German music video."

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stadtfischflex_SoLeidXXL_frontes tut mir alles so leid XXL




cover stadtfischflexstadtfisch and the flexible orchestra


Cover_tanzdeutschlandtanz den deutsch.l.a.n.d.


Cover_singledeutschland e.d.i.t.

CoverArt by Irina Frederich
                              stadtfischflexthe buzz

deutschland 84.9



so leid

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Titel: "tanz den deutsch.l.a.n.d.".

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Anthony Donovan - 3 scenes

Antoine de la Framboise - Take A Brake Remix

Dru Mayer - Marina 1

Chriz Hart - FirstChrizMix Knie

stringere gulam
- stadtfischflex remix

Non Toxique Lost - slf (euro-maerchen)

  the flexible orchestra:             

Geoff Leigh (GB)
Diego Pandiscia (I)
Cathy Heyden (F)
N.U. Unruh
Diego Vinciarelli (I)
Uwe Frenzel
Zappi Diermaier (A)
Maxime Manac´h (F)
Irina Frederich
David Lemaréchal (F)
Florian Langmaack
Jean-Hervé Péron (F)
Dirk Dhonau
Hoshiko Yamane (J)
Dru Mayer (M)
Eberhard Kranemann
Tim Hodgekinson (GB)
Amaury Cambuzat (F)
Sebastian Nagel
Davide Piersanti (I)
Kim Kiesling
Johnny Larssen (N)
Daniel Kikat
Pierre Mauger (F)
Luca Andrioli (I)
Adriano Lanzi (I)
Duo Cord (David & Vincent Geer)
Ronnie Wærnes (N)
Heinz Lichius
Pascal Godjikian (F)
Axel Dill
Lars Nicolaysen (N)
Fabio Mascelli (I)
Rasmus Henriksen (N)
Keï Yashida (J)
Heiko Badje
Heinrich Backmann
Martin Fekl
Klaus Frieler
Karoline Thomassen (N)
Mike Dobbratz
Giesbert Kellersmann
Anders Christensen (N)
Carolin Steinkamp
Clement Robert (F)
Darko Strnisa (M)
Paolo Zampana (I)
David Wallraf be continued.