stadtfisch - flexperience 2024

stadtfischflex - Label wanted

stadtfischflex (stadtfisch and the flexible orchestra) - are

Uwe Bastiansen and another 25 musicians* from international acts such as:

- faust

- Swans

- Texas Lightning/Truckstop

- Abwärts

- Tangerine Dream

- Bosse

- Gareth Jones

- Klaus Maeck

Pop provocative

stadtfischflex is more than just a band.

The "flexible orchestra" meets (also live) in changing constellations put together by multi-instrumentalist/composer Uwe Bastiansen.
Building on arranged structures, Bastiansen provokes the hand-picked collaborators to tease the maximum out of their instruments (from junkyard utensils, film cans and cotton candy machines to guitar, bass, drums to lyre, violin and oboe).

The lyrics, mostly in German, are sophisticated and socially critical short stories as well as personal statements. Bastiansen is a busy musician and producer with many years of experience as an artistic mastermind. The songs for "flexperience" were recorded and produced at the renowned mob Studio in Hamburg and are now to be released as an album.
When it is released, the result of this production will be brought to the stage to reach a large audience with a spectacular live performance.

We are looking for a reliable partner in the form of a label and distributor.

In addition to a digital release, the aim is a physical album - preferably vinyl.

We offer:

- the unreleased and fully mixed production "flexperience".
Some tracks can be heard exclusively on a non-public youtube playlist.

Here you can ask for the Link:

- Two professional video clips, created by the renowned filmmakers Astrid Busch, Oliver Schwabe and Klaus Maeck.
"Manitulation" - was already nominated for the German Music Video Award.

- Promoter Guido Möbius

- Artwork

All questions and further information:

Kim Kiesling +49 172-8626770

"The Stadtfischflex project aims to open ears to unheard sounds and minds to unusual approaches. Stadtfischflex takes listeners on a journey to new musical shores and proves that experimental music can be pop. At the same time, it demonstrates what different people with different cultural backgrounds can successfully achieve as a collective. The idea of the flexible orchestra is in motion,
Experimental music is gaining popularity - pop music is becoming more experimental."